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Topic Starter Topic: R.I.P. Peter Fonda

Just another Earthling
Just another Earthling
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PostPosted: 08-16-2019 09:50 PM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

R.I.P. Peter Fonda :tear:


Hit my WWW and make the world spin :D


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PostPosted: 08-17-2019 01:13 PM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

he wanted to be free
he wanted to do what he wanted to do
he wanted to be free to ride
he wanted to be free to ride on machines without being hassled by the man
and he wanted to get loaded

and now he is :(


The Afflicted
The Afflicted
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PostPosted: 08-28-2019 11:27 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

"Ulee's Gold" is quite a pearl of a film. Definitely worth a watch if you're in the mood for some melodramatic Oscar-material.

It took me decades to finally realize that the speech you mentioned was used as a sample in

Had only seen Easy Rider in the german dub till then. One day on DVD I watched it in english and, ohh, the realization :).

Rider was one of those critically acclaimed independent-movies that should go on to change the way movie-making was dominated by big studios only.

So, his achievements haven't been as prominent as those of others that died in the last years. Still, RIP Peter.

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