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Topic Starter Topic: New free NIN!

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PostPosted: 03-26-2020 07:24 AM           Profile   Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Gerrit here:
https://store-uk.nin.com/products/ghost ... vi-locusts


Weird times indeed…

As the news seems to turn ever more grim by the hour, we’ve found ourselves vacillating wildly between feeling like there may be hope at times to utter despair – often changing minute to minute. Although each of us define ourselves as antisocial-types who prefer being on our own, this situation has really made us appreciate the power and need for CONNECTION.

Music – whether listening to it, thinking about it or creating it – has always been the thing that helped us get through anything – good or bad. With that in mind, we decided to burn the midnight oil and complete these new Ghosts records as a means of staying somewhat sane.

Ghosts V: Together is for when things seem like it might all be okay, and Ghosts VI: Locusts… well, you’ll figure it out.

It made us feel better to make these and it feels good to share them. Music has always had a way of making us feel a little less alone in the world… and hopefully it does for you, too. Remember, everyone is in this thing together and this too shall pass.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Be smart and safe and take care of each other.

With love,
Trent & Atticus


Unquantifiable Abstract
Unquantifiable Abstract
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That's pretty fucking cool. :up:


Finno-Persian Legend
Finno-Persian Legend
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Edit: oops didn't realize it was linked to UK region. Got it now :)


The fuct one!
The fuct one!
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PostPosted: 03-30-2020 09:58 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Thank you!

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