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Topic Starter Topic: Advice on hinting?

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PostPosted: 07-24-2008 04:23 AM           Profile   Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Hostings still down so I have to use Image Shack, so sorry about that first of all...

Ok, I have a small outdoor area (thats still not finished so please, ignore lighting, fog and that god awful temp terrain that I should of removed). Here it is:0


Now my problem isn't so much the lighting, I only just started that and I'm working on it... My problem is placing hint brrushes in this area so that I can get the most out of it. The only places that makes sense, are in the tunnel entrance, and at the doorways? I dont feel like I can split the area rigth over the middle...?> Anybody got any adivice on how you would do this?

A few things...

1) The doors at "1" and "3" are actually objectives, they cannot be opened in the normal sense. They are locked doors which, when destroyed, stay open.
2) The gate isn't added yet, its there to just say you cant go past that point.
3) The tunnel only goes in a little, then you have doors. The doors are never opened, and cannot be opened. In a sense this area is closed off.
4) The areas under the steps are hollow.
5) The 3 cargo containers are models, obviously, with the RED one being open to walk into and out of.

Any help would be awesome on this, as I want to try and vis this area decently but other than blocking the tunnel with hint I cant think of much else without wasting space? Thanks guys.


I'm the dude!
I'm the dude!
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PostPosted: 07-24-2008 08:15 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

You should really think about hinting BEFORE you add all this detail back when you are coming up with the layout. Hinting afterwards means you're doing it as an afterthought, which means your performance will take a backseat as well. Performance gained from a little thinking beforehand means free resources for you to add even more detail later on.

You should have just given us an overhead structural brush shot of the area from the editor. Much easier to see on the grid rather than from this perspective shot. Plus, I have no idea what you intend to have beyond this atrium since I can't see how far the path beyond the doorways lead into the rest of the map.

Also, how does hinting work in your engine? Like Quake3 or Quake4? The process is fundamentally different.

You don't generally hint atriums, you hint the hallways so that you can't see from one atrium into another. Hinting an atrium so you can't see into the hallways is pointless since it is generally the atriums that have all the detail. Assuming that each of those hallways leads straight into other atriums, you are fundamentally screwed. I can see how I would hint it so that if you were to stand in one hallway you can't see into the others, but once you step into the middle of that room all three hallways would be simultaneously visible.

If your hallways have some curves or turns or other vis blocking structures, I would go about hinting those instead.

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