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The hell good boy
The hell good boy
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PostPosted: 08-31-2015 04:20 AM           Profile   Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

That might be the automatic tool doing this for you.

I read somewhere a tutorial where there was described how to delete all ghost brushes on your own using selections. The only trouble should be the map size and detail complexicity - the more details in larger map, the more difficult and lengthy the cleanup proccess may be. The key is not to use Select All menu option as it will select these ghost brushes as well and it won't work. The key is select every brush VISIBLE in the editor by mouse using Shift+LMB click - that excludes the zero-width brushes aka ghost brushes. Then invert selection and you selected all ghost brushes instead. Erase them by Backspace.

At least I think this is the manual proccess. If not, I'll let you correct...

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No worries, thanks for replying anyway.

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