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Topic Starter Topic: GtkRadiant: Python or Lua Plugins

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These plugins would be very good to add, they would make GtkRadiant more flexible and much more extendable! :)

One of the features this would make feasible is:

  • Automatic light placement (this detects the brushes and models the level use and puts the light actors in a offset determined by a configurations (INI) file, that determines what offset should the lightsource be from each model and surface, also taking into accuont the object's rotation)
  • Automatic patch placement, for square corners
  • A better Hollow that bevels the brush corners
  • A CSG plugins that allows to put Addictive and Subtractive brushes in a subtractive world. The plugin would then generate all the addictive brushes needed to make the map in Q3's addictive void world!
  • Assistant for moving brushes hooray! :D
  • Brush to model plugin
  • Automatic block brush placement (by block brush I mean path, vis, bot, bumper, collision blockers, like those that fill Q3DM1's walls)

And much more! It all depends in the scripter's imagination, and often in popular demand! :D

Who cares with me? Everyone ragequit!

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