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Topic Starter Topic: Need help with bspc -reach

Joined: 05 Dec 2015
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PostPosted: 05-16-2016 09:56 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

I'm having trouble getting any aas file to reach with a similarly named bsp file. It just gives me lump size 0. Any ideas folks?


I'm the dude!
I'm the dude!
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PostPosted: 05-16-2016 04:43 PM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Try the latest development build of GtkRadiant. It contains some BSPC.exe fixes which might resolve your issues. Note: this is not a final release version, please report bugs.

https://s3.amazonaws.com/gtkradiant/Gtk ... 160424.zip

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