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Topic Starter Topic: how do i add music?

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PostPosted: 06-17-2016 12:03 PM           Profile   Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

I was wondering how to add music to my level on quake III. My friends who play it say its too silent.
I was thinking maybe of adding some old school duke nukem music.


The hell good boy
The hell good boy
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PostPosted: 06-18-2016 02:40 AM           Profile   Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Shift+click any WORLDSPAWN brush (not entity, but normal worldspawn brush that creates the basic static geometry) and then press N on your keyboard. Make sure the selected brush has classname named "worldspawn". If not, do NOT modify this to the worldspawn one, just select another one. Then if it is the worldspawn brush, just type in the key input "music" and to the value input type the path to your music like it is in pk3 structure. So if your music is located in "music/mymap/mymapmusic.wav", you just type in that value. Be sure to make that music ALWAYS 16bit 22.05 kHz Stereo PCM format WAV file (otherwise it won't work, the map will be as usual silent). Also make sure the music is not violating copyright. Which I am not much sure about Duke Nukem. You can make your own music that is inspired by Duke Nukem, but you may not rip music from Duke Nukem to be used in your Quake 3 map. I know it's such an old game and there is a big chance that it was leaved unattended, but you never know :up:

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