Quake 2 mapping issues
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Author:  wolfmann02 [ 06-28-2016 11:54 AM ]
Post subject:  Quake 2 mapping issues

I have recently started mapping for quake2,i made quite a few levels for the game.But i had no luck compiling them.Whenever i would try to compile a map that i made gtkradiant would give me an error,"C/Program Files/GtkRadiant-1.4/qbsp3" -v -connect -game quake2 -fs_basepath "D:/Games?Quake 2/" -meta -fs_game q2 "D:/Program Files/Quake 2/Quake2/maps/first.map".What do i do?Any ideas

Author:  CZghost [ 06-29-2016 01:22 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Quake 2 mapping issues

Try compiling without networking. I always had troubles with networking enabled (that's the -connect switch). But I am mapping for Quake 3 actually, not Quake 2, but it's pretty similar engine, so let's see if it works like that :)

Author:  wolfmann02 [ 06-29-2016 03:49 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Quake 2 mapping issues

i shall try,thank you

Author:  Theftbot [ 06-29-2016 07:53 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Quake 2 mapping issues

This board is geared to q3, another board geard towards q2:

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