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Topic Starter Topic: New Quake III MD3 Exporter (v2.2) for 3dsMax 6 to 2017...

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Hey folks,
I will be releasing new MD3 exporters for 3ds Max 6 to 2017 very soon. I've beta tested them for the Jedi Knight game series... but I would like to find someone to beta test them for true Quake III player models, etc. Any takers?

Version 2.2 includes all the same fixes to Pop'N'Fresh's source code by Cookson-- but also includes new features never available-- which are: (1) Custom Vertex Normals via the Edit Normals Modifier and (2) Automatic LOD support (meaning you name your LODs as "_1" and/or "_2" and the exporter saves them out to separate LOD files). From my testing, LODs swap out correctly using MD3View.

Finally there is an export statistics pop-up that gives you the final geometry breakdown (correct triangle and vertex count).

If you have 3ds Max and would like to beta test it for me ... then please send me a PM.

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