scq3dm2 "Dojo" by Scorch_ [BETA]
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Author:  Scorch_ [ 03-22-2017 09:02 AM ]
Post subject:  scq3dm2 "Dojo" by Scorch_ [BETA]

Dojo is a small duel map for Q3 (will be ported to QL after completion) that takes visual inspiration from q3wcp1 "Japanese Castles". The map is currently in the alpha phase of devolvement and is not sealed off properly (a large box surrounds the map as the final geometry is worked out) and only has dev textures.


Download Q3

Some things I'd like feedback on:
  • Red and Mega placement
  • Map balance
  • Map flow
  • Overall map layout and structure
  • The back area with the deck and rock (as shown in the screenshot)

  • All of the items on the map (only 4 at the moment: ra, mega, lg, rl) are just temporary placements bar the mega and red armor. I've been moving the mega and red around on every iteration just seeing how they feel in different spots, while I kinda like the current spots I'm not 100% sold on having a RA thats higher up.
  • The back area with the large rock and raised deck (shown in the screen shot) has given me some trouble. Originally it was meant as another way to get to that back area from the lower ground area on the other side of the map (the one with the 3 bars that you jump across to). Since before I added the teleporter the only way to cross back there was through the "dojo" room or taking the large jump pad up to the high ground.
    I now feel though that the back area is a tad "roomy" and maybe to powerful since you're able to jump from the deck up to the higher level.
    So I'm not really sure if its worth keeping, I could just remove it all together but that doesn't solve the issue of sending to much traffic through the "dojo" room. I could also slim it down and put a bigger focus on the other half of the room.
  • While I'm not focused on items right now I'd still like to find a place for both the mega and RA as I feel those are the two items you balance the others around, there are a few obvious contenders for where RA and mega should go but I've not really found a setup I've been happy with yet.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Author:  Scorch_ [ 04-21-2018 08:02 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: scq3dm9 "Dojo" by Scorch_ [ALPHA]

I haven't posted here in a while so I figured I'd give an update on this map.




Download Q3

  • As you can see from the screenshots above the map has changed a considerable amount over the last year and I'd strongly recommend seeing it in game. Originally I was developing this map using feedback from a small group of friends who all played cpma, unfortunately they've since stopped playing which has hindered item placement and over all map layout development which is where I feel this map lacks the most.
  • Playing this map in ql/vq3 feels a bit awkward right now, some of the jump such as the red handrails to the rocks above lower YA are a bit difficult to make in non cpma movement. While I later plan to go back and smooth out some of these areas, its hard to do so at this point since I don't have a complete idea on what I want the final map/item layout to be

Author:  Eraser [ 04-21-2018 10:29 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: scq3dm2 "Dojo" by Scorch_ [BETA]

Nice. Brings back memories of Japanese Castles.

Author:  Fruity [ 09-09-2019 10:54 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: scq3dm2 "Dojo" by Scorch_ [BETA]

Nice light from the window. Check the map in the game as it looks.

PS: Where can I get such development textures?

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