Does anyone know the author of those 'lost' maps?
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Author:  CZghost [ 06-22-2019 05:40 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Does anyone know the author of those 'lost' maps?

Well, they certainly are not listed in Tig's LvLworld (www.lvlworld.com), nor are they listed in an old Worldspawn sites (ws.q3df.org). Google Image search doesn't help, eighter. I thought that by changing the second image search (which defaulted to "floor") to the id of the map, it would find it (because there was a link that had rg3dm2 in it), however it seems as a false lead, because it leads to a chinese article, which when I translated it to Czech (because my native language is Czech), it actually was telling a story how someone's mother died - nothing to do with Quake 3. The first image search (originally defaulted to "arch") when corrected to the map id "deathsoul", it found another false lead, which appears to be some RPG videogame. Again, nothing to do with Quake 3.

When I specifically searched for map listings for Quake 3, only two sites came up to me as first results - ws.q3df.org and www.lvlworld.com. Both of these sites were proved to have no traces about both of these maps. It brought also fandom wiki page about Quake 3 maps, no traces. GameFront sites, no traces. The only remining site was Esreality forums, which contain some map list for Quake 3, Quake Champions and Quake Live, as well, as Warsow. I didn't see eighter of the maps there.

I'm afraid that these maps are truly lost and the only way to retrieve them is ask for someone, who has their physical copy. So if anyone has these two maps somewhere on their drives, they may be able to hand them to you (via attachment here). Otherwise, I'm afraid that Google is no use. And if not Google, how could you possibly find them over the internet? And yes, I tried to investigate in next pages of search results. Without any success :(

Author:  CZghost [ 06-24-2019 02:01 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Does anyone know the author of those 'lost' maps?

You may upload it to Ulož.to, which is Czech biggest file share server. Or you can use international gigants like MediaFire.com or RapidShare.com. I guess that you're not required to register there (at least not at Ulož.to, not sure with the two other ones), but since these sites are actually free to use, you can also register for free there, too. The significant advantage of personal account on these sites is that you can manage your uploaded file = rename them or delete them whenever you like. It costs you nothing. These sites are making money out of advertisement, so it's good to set your AdBlocker to some moderate level to allow pass some through, but they are mainly making money from users willing to pay for quicker downloads (because free downloads are actually bottlenecked, which is real pain in the ass if you want to download a movie - it's not actually allowed to host a movie at such sites, but sometimes you can find things like this on these sites, which I take as extremely convenient for access movies that are no longer in sales). You then just paste the download link here :)

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