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Topic Starter Topic: Which are the Best Kodi VPN?

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PostPosted: 10-02-2019 11:35 PM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Hey there! I don't know a whole lot about streaming and my internet and such but I've read things on here and I've been reading more and watching YouTube videos about Kodi. I've downloaded it on my laptop and use my wifi connection. I've read stuff about eastlink doing something to slow your connection based on the amount that you're streaming? Is that basically right? A VPN masks what I'm doing so that I don't get slowed down? Am I anywhere close to understanding this in a really basic way? Can someone ELI5 what this is all about? Do you recommend using this VPN thing and is it as easy as these YouTube videos show? I hate fucking with things without being sure it's a good idea.

Using Kodi on my laptop. Using Eastlink wifi. Would I be being fucked around my EL? Should I use a VPN? Is a VPN even what I think it is or am I completely wrong...

I am confused as I also got to view this Best Kodi VPN list for streaming Anonymously.

Any Idea anyone? Who can suggest and help?


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