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Topic Starter Topic: using an alternate master server list for ingame browser

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PostPosted: 05-14-2017 04:10 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

I'm trying to wrap up work on Bustacap to just get it out as a beta. What steps are involved to use an alternate master server list? Like, would I need a server that keeps the list and then direct the game to go there instead? Or is it as simple as keeping a file on a website that is an updated list of servers and the game points to that file? Is it a text file, or html? I figured since openarena is a modified version of Q3 and they have their own server list that can also be seen in the game browser as well as a web browser at http://openarena.ws/servers.html it can be done. Just wondering if anybody knows the steps to pointing the game to an alternate list? Does anyone know who to talk at http://dpmaster.deathmask.net to get bustacap as an option there?

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