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The Illuminated
The Illuminated
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PostPosted: 05-28-2016 11:35 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

So I reinstalled the game, thought I'd play through single-player again, but the frame rates are really bad. I run a 4930K, 32GB RAM and a 780 3GB, so it should run a lot better. It seems Doom 3 BFG Edition does, but that even has my resolution in the list (2560x1440), which I had to get in Quake 4 via the console. The graphics are turned way up high, but even before that, it was horrible. And the mouse movement stutters when I move my mouse fast, so I assume I must turn down my DPI, using 1800 DPI now (Logitech G502).

Any ideas on the performance of the game? It's very frustrating, to say the least. I run the new Doom better than this.

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