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Being one of the few teams to be have been granted access to the closed ET:QW beta, Team HOT went into QuakeCon 2007 as the number one seed and the favorite to win. Europe's only team in attendance, Dignitas, thought differently, and snatched away the championship just inches infront of HOT's face by coming from the lower bracket and defeating them twice in the grand final. HOT's Kyle "dep" Tramtham sat down with Gameriot.com to discuss the team's road through the QuakeCon 2007 ET: QW tournament, their troubles verse Dignitas in the grand finals, and some interesting drama regarding the champions, 20ID, and Check-Six leading into the event.

"We had a lot of boycotting, sandbagging from certain teams. 20id, Check-Six and Dignitas decided not to scrim us. If there was no boycotting of scrims, it would be 2 US teams guaranteed up there [in the finals]. When we first started scrimming Dignitas, we were teaching them things, they were going leaps and bounds in scrims since the first time we played them."

http://www.gameriot.com/news/4177/Quake ... interview/

The Europeans came, saw, dominated, and left America with titles in both tournaments at this year's QuakeCon. Although the only European team in attendance this year, the strong squad defeated a field of teams who should have been more prepared than they were. After getting dropped down by HOT to the lower bracket, Dignitas stormed back and full held HOT in the grand finals. One more event for Europe to brag about. Gameriot.com caught up with team leader Thomas "sondac" Sorensen along with Frederik "huggo" Christensen and Peter "utr" Mogensen at the airport for some questions. Dignitas talks about their thoughts on ET:QW competitive play, Battlefield verse ET:QW, their comeback from the lower bracket in the grand finals, and explaining their involvement of denying HOT scrims.

"We already played team HOT 2-3 times. We saw quickly that they were the favorites to win this event, so we decided not to play them anymore. We didn't talk to Check-Six or 20id at all. We played them instead; they were not so good so we felt it would be better to train tactics with them since we'd meet HOT in the finals."

http://www.gameriot.com/news/4181/Quake ... interview/


One Man Army
One Man Army
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boycotting, fair strat.

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