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Topic Starter Topic: DOOMBA: Your house in a Doom's map with your robot vacuum

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PostPosted: 12-31-2018 06:19 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

The methode, a real fan's job :up: : http://richwhitehouse.com/index.php?postid=72


"As a bonus, there's an "Image to NoeRoomba" tool that's only enabled when you set ENABLE_TEST_FUNCTIONS to True in tool_roomba.py. This allows you to generate .noeroomba files from plain image files, which gives you a pretty effective "image to random DOOM map" path. I can't promise my unholy algorithms targeted at Roomba maps won't fall over if you start throwing all kinds of random crap at them, but with the images I've tried, things hold up pretty well:"



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