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Topic Starter Topic: John Carmack Anticipates Millions for Quake Live

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posted this in q3 but dont think many saw it =p

"Early on, we were tossing around two different orders of magnitudes - anywhere from 50,000 to 5 million people playing. We have no idea where it is going to be in there. The fact that 70,000 people have signed up in a week means that we’re going to be looking at hundreds of thousands of players, if not millions. We hope that that can be a sustained critical mass of a community that can play this type of game, and be self-supporting."

Carmack plans the introduction of Quake Live's counterpart of the BattleNet match-making system known from StarCraft or Warcraft 3 so that inexperienced players are not discouraged:

"Skill-based matchmaking is extremely important, so when you jump in, you’re going to be someplace appropriate. But we’re also adding things like bot-guided training levels offline. When you initially set up your account, you get to give the system an indication of what your skill level is. After a few matches, the game will see how you’re performing and adjust your choices."

Full interview: http://www.gamesradar.com/f/carmack-fre ... 3211421011

Everyone digg this! Almost to digg front page.

http://digg.com/pc_games/John_Carmack_A ... uge_Return

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