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Topic Starter Topic: New Quake 3 1.32 servers: Static Void (based on my own code)

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Static Void servers using other mods:
STATIC VOID VOGON -> staticvoid.ddns.net:27965

Static Void servers using this mod:
STATIC VOID CTF -> staticvoid.ddns.net:27962
STATIC VOID FFA -> staticvoid.ddns.net:27966

I've been working on the game-side mod for over a year now and added and modified a lot of stuff on it. Static Void is a server-side only mod that I've made. In this mod, I have enhanced better gameplay, looks and graphics, and utilised unused sources in the existing code. All the servers are public and are welcome to any players at any level.
NOTE: At the moment, the links listed are only temporary, but you can find them on the quake3arena and ioquake3 master servers and I'm not planning to release the mod for quite some time yet.

You do not have to download anything. Just connect, play and enjoy!

If you see or encounter bugs/glitches/abnormalities in any of the servers, please let me know. I will be updating the mod every now and then, if the servers have a sufficient population to work with. Thanks.

Here's my current log on this mod:

! = Changed
+ = Added
- = Removed
* = Fixed/Improved

+ Country database plugin has been integrated where it will display what country you are from.
+ Map entities can be added externally from the .ents and .add files using the scripting procedure from the BSP files. If the files are not found, it will load the entities from the BSP file
+ The addition of lights, using light2, has been added where the original light function removes the light entities
+ The addition of models, using model2, has been added where the original model function removes the models
+ Offhook grapple has been added (Key in "/bind <key> +button5" to use it)
+ Name checker has been added. On connect, it rejects null/empty and "UnnamedPlayer" names. For me, I find those names extremely annoying to deal with :/
+ Camping detector has been added where players will be killed if they don't move within the given time. No camping for you, Mr Railgunner. >:3
+ Spawn protection has been added to combat spawn-killing when there are a lot of players
+ Projectiles and items can now use jumppads and teleporters. (Only gravity-based projectiles can use jumppads)

Server-side command variables:
+ Enable/Disable suicide
+ Teleport players back to a spawn point (or a team spawn point) when falling in the void
+ Turn on unlagged mode. (0 = off, 1 = Non-projectile weapons, 2 = All weapons)
+ Anticamp radius and time allowed. If only of them are set to zero, anticamping is disabled
+ Weapon, ammo, item and powerup filter flags to remove certain items from the map
+ Do ready on warmup
+ Additional deathmatch flags: No projectile jumppad, no projectile teleport, no ammo drop, no holdable drop, no armour drop
+ Crazy CTF mode where the flag item spawns every one second when picked up; you can only carry one flag.
+ Enable/Disable offhook grapples
+ Adjust offhook grapple speed
+ Adjust player respawn time
+ Enable/Disable old CTF sound effects
+ Turn on instagib mode and one hit gauntlet (Disables all weapons, armour, health, powerups and ammo items) (0 = off, 1 = On with no self knockback, 2 = On with self knockback)
+ Adjust railgun time (Only works on instagib mode)
+ Adjust gauntlet damage multiplier (Normally used in special gamemodes)
+ Adjust shotgun pellet multiplier and divides the damage too
+ Adjust spawn protection amount

+ Statistics added for each player (In spectator mode, follow a player and key in '/playerstats')
+ Statistics added for all players displayed in a table (In spectator mode, key in '/stats'; beginning of intermission will print the table out automatically)
+ Time of flag posession added in CTF mode

Improvements and adjustments:
+ The mod is now FULLY unlagged, including projectiles, missiles and the gauntlet!
! BFG has been modified to operate as a firebomb weapon (like the weapon in Rise of the Triad)
+ Small amount of splash damage and radius has been added to the lightning gun
! Shotgun has been modified as it now shoots double the amount of pellets than original but does half the damage
! Ammo limits have been adjusted (Bullets: 300 | Lightning: 400 | Cells: 150 | Shells, Grenades, Rockets, Slugs and BFG: 25
+ When been killed, players will now drop weapons, ammo, armour and holdables from their inventories respectively and the value of how much there was left
! Player can hold up 200 pts of armour
+ Old fall damage has been added from Quake 2; space maps does half the damage from original
! Air time when emerging from under water has been adjusted where it takes time to restore the client's air time
! Drowning now ticks half a second but also does half the damage in the process
! When in lava or acid, time tick around a tenth of a second but also does a tenth of the damage in the process
! Gauntlet ammo is being used for the client's real ping and for air time when under water
- Handicapping has been removed and replaced with client numbering
+ Second quick jump will make you jump slightly higher
+ Jump height differs depending on ramp steepness (Like in Quake I and II)
! Vote commands are now only map_restart, nextmap and clientkick; players will have a max of three votes per map
+ When a vote has been called, the match will pause until the voting is done
* Ping rate has been improved now calculating server-side ping and real ping from clients
+ If all items are disabled on map, they will be converted into null, invisible items as nodes for the AI to keep them moving around the map.
* AI think frame time has been improved
+ When there is not enough players during a game it will now reset to warmup mode on all game type
+ If killed by another player, the camera will always point to the killer on the yaw axis only until respawn (Bit like on the DooM engine)
* Adding random bots has been improved where it will not add a bot with the same configuration twice onto the client list
* Match starting procedure after countdown has been improved where it will start instantly instead of cycling through the game initialisation function again
! When firing weapons, some vectors and origins on the weapons have been rounded to the nearest whole number to improve network bandwidth usage
! Items spawned and dropped on the map have also been rounded to the nearest whole number to improve network bandwidth usage
* File logging has been improved where the log files are now separated daily, via the dates and server port, instead of one big log file for the server
! Logging function now only records "human" clients. We don't really need to log bots as they don't do anything harmful and just clogs up hard drive space
+ Multiple dropped CTF flags in Crazy CTF mode has been adjusted so it will no longer pop all of the dropped flags when one of them has been returned back to the team's base
! Spectator movement speed has been increased
! After cycling through the players in spectator mode, it will now drop to "follow" mode
+ Obituary function now done server-side
! Haste powerup ratio has been increased
+ Invisibility powerup has been enhanced with no sound effects being made from the player. Projectiles will go through players as well.
! Railgun damage and machinegun damage have been lessened
+ Knocking a player into the void now counts as a kill

+ Better projectile lighting in gameplay (In team gameplay the projectiles will light up red or blue on teams respectively)
+ Powerup shades added on projectiles. (e.g. A player with Quad Damage firing a projectile will have the Quad Damage radient on that projectile)
+ Graphics added on weapons when having Quad Damage:
Gauntlet: Gib effect when hitting player
Machinegun: Electro sound added on bullets when it hits the wall
Shotgun: Electro sound added and railgun mark on shells when it hits the wall
Grenade Launcher: Plasma explosion when it hits the wall
Rocket Launcher: BFG explosion when it hits the wall
Lightning Gun: Plasma explosion when it hits the wall and player
Railgun: Rocket explosion when it hits the wall
Plasmagun: Grenade explosion when it hits the wall
BFG: No enhancements
Grapple: BFG explosion when it hits the wall.
Projectiles: When travelling, it will have powerful-like effects added on the trails
+ Extra gibs added if player took heavy damage on low health
+ When gibbed, the camera now bounces depending on the knockback
+ When a player is playing and disconnects, or joins the spectators, it will make an effect like the player has been gibbed

+ Powerup sound effects added (Sound effects are used when player has a powerup)
+ Drowning sound now used fully underwater (Drowned or been killed by another player etc)
+ In and out water sounds have been added to items and projectiles
+ Items now makes a sound effect when it hits the wall or the ground
+ Items now makes a sound effect when it has been popped/removed from the map after timeout
+ When gibbed and the camera hits a wall or the ground, the third gib splutter sound effect is now in use as that sound effect, for some reason, is not in use on the client side.
+ Old CTF sounds before Quake 3 1.30 (I think) have been added
+ The air out sound from enviro suit has been added when exiting level

Updating order <Spec>.<Update>.<Hotfix>

+ A name detector is used to detect illegal usernames i.e. "UnnamedPlayer", "", "^7" etc, including name-changing in game
+ Old ctf sounds can be used; use the void_oldCTFSounds cvar to enable it
+ When killed, any armour, ammo or holdables will be dropped
+ Flat database is used to look up countries from where the client is

* Anti-camp algorithm has been improved
* Overtime issue has been fixed

+ Missiles can now use teleporters while gravity-based missiles can also use jumppads
+ Do ready mode, use "/ready" to ready yourself. The "READY" on the scoreboard is also indicated
! The clients when "READY" during intermission can now be toggled on/off

* An issue where the BFG missile stops moving when teleported has been fixed
* Item stats has been improved and now shows "T" for team item and "D" for dropped

+ Dead bodies can now use jumppads and teleporters
+ Real time is now logged into the file

* Abnormal time values of dropped powerups when using holdable teleporter has been fixed
! When been killed or been drowned under water it now only plays the drowning sound effect

* Shuffle team allocation issue has been fixed

+ The AI now calculates the CTF flag routes when the CTF flags are added from the .ents/.add files. This was to overcome the problems in non-CTF-made maps
! On q3tourney6_ctf and mpq3tourney6, the AI no longer uses the bobbing platform and will use the crusher button when a player stands underneath it
* A problem where the AI does not move when there are no level items in the map has been fixed; all of the filtered entities now casts as AI paths
* Fixed a bit of code to overcome compiler warnings
! Regeneration now does health if < 100


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