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Topic Starter Topic: CZghost back to Quake Live?

The hell good boy
The hell good boy
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PostPosted: 01-10-2017 03:32 PM           Profile   Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Hey, I was thinking around and watched some new Quake Live videos. And that made me thinking about return to Quake Live. Tell me, is it worth of spending those 10 bucks for a game that was near death? I stopped playing because I needed to shuffle priorities and when I came back, the game was suddenly gone, moved to Steam. If I decide to pay some day and download QL and hit the Start button again, I might have make some maps for Quake Live (maybe convert some maps from Q3 of myself once finished). I just miss the good old days when I launched Quake Live in browser and was able to move around faster and jump over higher ledge (which made the movement a lot easier).

As many mappers here (sst13, cityy, dONKEY to name few) still map for both vanilla Q3 and new QL Steam Workshop, I'd not be different. But I would like to preserve the Quake Live style known for me before I left, so I'd include banners just like the original maps did. I know I have not to, but it's kind of nostalgic and kind of used to, so I'd keep it that way :) I know that maps for Quake Live are more CPMA styled than vanilla Q3 (including the Green Armor). What is new to me is the new Ammo Pack including ammo for all weapons - and of course weapon of choice - I think I'd prefer to play with original set different for each map (like map author intended to do), but I will let players to choose between classic weaponset and the new weapon system, so new maps for QL will include general Ammo Packs in couple of places to make gameplay with this mode feel less painful.

A lots of things are new to me there so I could probably never stop asking some questions about new gametypes, design notes, how Steam Workshop works and how to make pre-releases (alpha/beta) without encouterage Steam Workshop, how to test the map without having to start a server and how to possibly start server for alpha/beta testers.

But now it's unlikely of buying the game, but I really consider buying it and start mapping for QL. Pretty much all maps I'll make for vQ3 will be latter converted to QL (don't worry, the original will stay) :) What makes me confused is the system requirements (I have an older nVidia GeForce 9800 GT card, which is pretty much lower than minimum requirement) and that the game use Direct X instead of OpenGL like original vQ3. 10€ is pretty much like buying original CD, just it's all virtual and the only things that are required is to have the minimum system requirements or higher, good internet connection, paying online, have some free time, always make sure to check out profile at some time, even when not really to play right that time to keep it alive, and of course play the game in some free time to gather points and improve :) I definitely will play my own maps, just to see how it works and how other players compete within :) I'd often spectate and record some duels in my maps :)

So what do you say? Should I gather some money to enter the Arena Eternal Live again and start new episode of mapping? :)

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