The Dark Mod 15th Anniversary Contest!

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The Dark Mod 15th Anniversary Contest!

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The Dark Mod is a fan recreation of a Thief Style game using the Doom 3 engine:


To celebrate our 15th year, we are holding a mapping contest!


The Dark Mod project trundles onward for it’s 15th year in a row.
In that time we have improved our game engine in countless ways and have grown to over 170 missions!

To celebrate our perseverance and the years of improvements to come,
we are hosting a contest to mark 15 years since the 1.0 release!


Now is your time to demonstrate the mission design that best exemplifies your personal style and capabilities! Please consider entering this event!

Unlike most recent contests, there is no defined theme and we are simply going to score based on our standard metrics of Story, Gameplay, and Visuals with our standard weighted scoring:

Max Possible = Total Votes * 5 (Outstanding)

TotalMaxPointsPoss (TMP) = AllCategoryVotecount(ACV) * 30

Full Weighted Score (FWS) = (Gameplay score*3 + Visual score*2 + Story score) / TMP

Contest Submissions should be provided before October 16th so that players can start playing and celebrating on the 17th!

The players have been keen to relay that they would like really creative missions so it may be worthwhile to examine our “Community Unusual Contest” to get an idea about the wild range of possibilities we offer to designers.

Also, since the contest submission is in October, there will probably be an increased desire for Horror themes.

The Dark Mod 2.12 was just released so including new 2.12 features is strongly encouraged.

Finally, it might be nice if authors name their protagonist Corbin to match the included missions.

( None of the above suggestions are requirements for the submissions. )

Please visit the Fan Mission Forum to declare your intention to join and to discuss anything related to the contest. Thank you! ... try-thread
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