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Topic Starter Topic: Updated list of players for ESWC Masters event

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PostPosted: 06-26-2008 03:10 AM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Here's the updated list of players for the ESWC Masters event July 4th-6th. The event will be streamed live, info TBA. The masters event is invite only, where the top 3 players will qualify along with national qualified players to the Grand Final event in San Jose in August.

Among the original invites who will not be participating are ESWC 2005 champion Russia Anton "Cooller" Singov who decided not to attend after qualifying for the grand finals in San Jose, and ESWC NL champion Netherlands Lemmy "if-22" de Groot, who cannot get off work. Replacements include CPL World Tour superstar Netherlands Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager and 4Kings' new pickup Austria Richard "noctis" Gansterer.

USA - John "ZeRo4" Hill
SWE - Magnus "fox" Olsson
BELARUS - Alexei "Cypher" Yanyshevsky
CHN - Fan "RazerJ" Zhibo
USA - Paul "czm" Nelson
NED - Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager
USA - Chance "Chance" Lacina
POL - Maciek "av3k" Krzykowski
SWE - Cyrus "proZaC" Malekani
USA - Shane "rapha" Hendrixson
NED - Jeffrey "Draven" Debipersad
SWE - Karl "fooKi" Johansson
FRA - Benjamin "Unity" Rovira
CAN - Thomas "griffin" Wall
FRA - Pierre-Emeric "link1n" Portier
GER - Marcel "k1llsen" Paul
AUT - Richard "noctis" Gansterer
FRA - Grégory "falcuma" Ollivier
POL - Mateusz "matr0x" Ozga
SWE - Andreas "ArrW" Ihrfors
UK - Daniel "ddk" Kapadia
FRA - Arnaud "slx" Lanoe
KOR - Dongkin "Dongjin" Suh


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PostPosted: 07-01-2008 01:49 PM           Profile Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

Wonder if the Americans will show up at all. Don't know if rapha has what it takes.


god xor reason
god xor reason
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PostPosted: 07-05-2008 07:46 AM           Profile   Send private message  E-mail  Edit post Reply with quote

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