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Cool #9
Cool #9
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Quake III Arena Frequently Asked Questions
the complete original guide can still be found here

Quake3World FAQ contributors: Ezekiel, SaTurN, busetibi, Elnino, Elkrider, R99kie, cHUMTOAd, Pre, Hole, UN-Peacekeeper, Kn1ght, [BDI]Trunks, Eraser and riddla. Thanks to all Beginners Discussion + Technology & Troubleshooting Forum regulars since day one.

All information contained in this FAQ is intended as a reference for those who have Quake III Arena installed and have also downloaded/installed the latest 1.32 Point Release.


Why do I get kicked with “Server uses protocol version xx” error?
What is PunkBuster and how do I enable it?
What is a Pure Server?
Why can’t I seem to find servers or get “No response from masterserver”?
What port(s) does Quake III use to communicate?
Where can I find a list of all Quake III commands, cvars and variables?
What command line variables will smooth out my game?
How can I optimize my connection settings for online play?
What can I do to maximize strafe jumping distance?
What other important tweaks should I know about?
Where can I get more in-depth info for Quake III Arena tweaks?
Why don’t I have a particular map the server is running?
How can I change my name / text colors?
How do I change my railgun variables, colors & projectile effects?
How can I do those cool backflips?
What is a grappling hook and how do I use it?
What are the Player Model settings for teamplay?
How do I score points in CTF?
How can I enable 3rd person view?
How can I find my public IP address?
Misc Links and Files

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