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Armor and Health

How armor works
When you are shot, Quake3 applies 2/3 of total damage to armor (Some damages: Rail=100, Rocket=100(max), Shotgun=110(max)), then the rest is taken off health. If your armor is insufficient to cover the 'debt' the leftover damage comes from your health: In other words, you must have at least 34 health and 67 armor to survive one rail slug. For every point of health you have above 34, you may have 1 point less of armor and you will live. (44Health, 57Armor=OK but 33Health, 200Armor=Dead) Only if there is a suitably large health debt (i.e. you have 20 health and the remaining power of a rail that hits you is worth 80) will you gib (splatter into bones, blood and meat chunks), otherwise you just flop dead onto the floor.

Your health is represented by the number next to the icon of your player modelís head via the in game user interface. Your armor is represented by the number next to the armor icon via the in game UI.

Heavy(Red) Armor

The most valuable armor pickup at 100 points.

Combat(Yellow) Armor

Nabbing the yellow armor will increase your armor rating by 50 points.

Armor Shards
Usually found in groups, these little guys are worth 5 armor each. Don't under estimate the power of a single armor shard, as it can be enough to protect you from a potentially lethal rail shot.

Health system
Upon spawning, all players start with 125 health that slowly diminishes to 100. 100 health is the base amount, and while it is possible to aquire up to 200 health, it will always slowly fall down to the base 100.

Gold Health

Gold health increases the players health by 50; up to, but not over 100.

Yellow Health

Yellow health increases the players health by 25; up to, but not over 100

Green Health
Green health increases the players health by 5, but can increase it over the base 100.