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Bots are artificial players with limited intelligence intended for offline play or practice. Playing a single player campaign versus bots through the tiered-system of maps is an excellent way to become familiarized with Quake III Arena and will go a long way towards preparing one for the online multiplayer experience.

Bots can be given commands via the console with the say_team command during teamplay situations.

I am the leader

…this will let bots know that you are the leader. No other bot will assume command. The bot should follow/accompany/cover/go for the specified time. If no time is specified, the bot will carry out commands indefinitely. (However, bots, like humans, can tire of doing the same thing over and over again and may randomly go do their own thing again.)

The commands:

follow for xx
follow forever
accompany for xx
accompany forever
cover for xx
cover forever
go with
go with for xx
go with forever
go to (Bot should go either go to the specified location or pick up the specified object)
patrol from x to y (Bot will run back and forth between specified locations and/or objects for the specified time)
patrol from x to y for xx
patrol from x to y forever
camp near (Bot will camp and defend near the specified location or object for specified time)
camp near for xx
camp near forever
camp here (Bot will guard YOUR present location for a specified period of time)
camp here for xx
camp here forever
camp there (Bot will guard its own location for a specified periond of time)
camp (Bot will camp at specified object or location for specified time)
camp for xx
camp forever
defend for xx
defend forever
guard for xx
guard forever
help (Bot should find and assist other team member)
lead the way (then give action ? bot will wait for you to follow) Bot will go on ahead, then perform specified action kill (Bot will hunt down and kill specified player)
hunt down
dismissed (Bot will stop performing the last task you commanded it to do and commence roaming)
stop action
I am the leader
I quit being the leader (Allows a bot to become the team leader and give commands)
I quit being team leader
I stop being the leader
I stop being team leader

For further info refer to the Bot Commands helpfile "\Extras\Help\BotCommands.html" located in your Quake3 install folder (default path is c:\program files\quake III arena)