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Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to find a server I get "No response from Master Server"
It's recommended that you use a 3rd party server browser such as The All-Seeing Eye or Qtracker

When I try to join a server I get "Server uses protocol XX"
The server you're trying to join isn't running the same version as you. Update your version of Quake to Point Release 1.32. if you're still recieving this error after the update, it means the server is running an older version. If that's the case, it's best to find a different server. If you'd like to see what version you're running, bring down the console (~) and check in the lower right hand corner.

What does mistyped/INVALID CD key mean?
Assuming you're using a legit key, check all the sub directories in your Quake III Arena folder and delete any q3key files you find. The only q3key file should be in your baseq3 folder. Right clicking the q3key file, and setting it to read only should also help sort out any issues.

How can I join Punkbuster enabled servers?
Click multiplayer and set the Punkbuster option to Enabled. You can also pull down the console (~) and use the /pb_cl_enable command

What port does Quake 3 use?
By default, Quake 3 comminicates using port 27960.

How do I change the field of view?
Pull down the console (~), and use the command /cg_drawfov. The default is 90.

How can I see my frame rate?
Pull down the console (~), and type /cg_drawfps 1.

Why am I only getting 85 FPS?
/com_maxfps limits it to 85 by default. Change it to a higher value.

What's this I hear about bright skins? Isn't that cheating?
Some mods such as CPMA and OSP give players the option to force your enemy to a specific model and give them a bright skin making them easier to see. This was a part of the natural evolution of Quake, started when the pro players began dumbing down their video settings so they can see their opponent more easily. Having your opponent blend into the background takes away from the Quake experience, where the focus should be on skill based combat. To force an enemy model in OSP/CPMA, type /cg_enemymodel keel/pm in the console. To force the color type /cg_enemycolors 0hhh. The end result is a bright green keel as your enemy.

How do I put colors in my name?
Simply add a ^1-9 before the sections of name you'd like colored. For example, if I wanted a red player name, it would look like "^1BOB".

How do I use the grappling hook?
The grapple is sort of an easter egg, removed at the last minute but still existing in game code. Only a few servers have it enabled. If you're on one of those servers, use the /bind x "+button 5" command to bind it to a key.