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Trick jumping in Quake
Underneath the standard movement conventions are tricks that take the game to the next level. Unlike some games that require button combos to execute special moves, Quake's are very natural, in part because these tricks started out as bugs in the game code. These "bugs" have become a staple in Quake, and mastering them is a requirement to take your game to the next level of play. Practice is key.

Strafe jumping
Strafe jumping is a skill which enables player movement at a faster-than-running-speed pace. Strafe jumping is performed via a continuous jumping cycle while running forward and strafing in alternate directions (or the same direction if you want to curve your jump).

In order to attempt your first strafe jumping run, find a map with wide open flat spaces which will allow bunny-hopping while running long distances.

Run forward while continuing to hold down the run forward key, jumping each time you hit the ground again. Repeat until comfortable with this bunny-hop-running method. Now you’re ready to add strafing into the mix, pressing strafe keys during this process each time you hit the ground just prior to the next jump. Strafing also works when traveling backwards. Good strafe jumping can take quite a lot of practice.

Circle Jumping
This technique gives you a slight speed boost, and should be used to begin a strafe jump. The direction you want to go should be directly to your left or right. You then want to hold foreward, and strafe to the direction you want to go; as you are doing this you should slowly turn your mouse towards your direction and then jump as soon as you are facing your desired direction.

Circle jumping into a strafe jump to do the infamous q3dm6 bridge to rail trick:

Splash damage and you
Rocket Jumps and Plasma Climbs are possible due to the splash damage ‘knock back’ from these weapons.

Rocket Jumps
To rocket jump you need to hold a rocket launcher. Look straight at the floor. Now pull the trigger and jump simultaneously. Provided the timing and angle are right, your player should fly far higher than could ever be reached with a normal jump. Rocket jumps take some practice and also take quite a bit of health, sometimes as high as 50 or 60. Be sure that you can afford to lose some health and that making a rocketjump is worth it. Skilled players use many surfaces and angles to successfully propel themselves in virtually any direction with the rocket jump. Similar types of jumps can also be performed with the BFG or grenade launcher after some practice to master timing.

Rocket Jump

Grenade Jump

Plasma Climbing
Plasma Climbing was introduced in Quake III engine physics, using Plasma ball knock back to propel your player upwards along the face of a wall. To Plasma climb, stand against a wall and look down at a slight angle even with your feet. Jump as you start firing the Plasmagun and hold the 'forward' key. Release the jump key as you take off. If you don't go into the air, keep adjusting your aiming angle and make sure you aren't 'sliding' along the wall while holding the forward key.