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If playing online open the console and enter /callvote to verify if the callvote command is enabled on the server. If callvoting is enabled you will see a list of possible commands; if callvoting is disabled an error message is returned.

To call a vote, do the following:
- open the console
- type callvote [command] (where [command] is replaced by one of the following variables):

restarts the current map, or if there is a nextmap voted, it will jump to that map. This comes in handy to completely restart the current game and it will not require a reload of the current map.

callvotes a map on hold. When the current round ends (fraglimit/timelimit) the map which was voted with this command will load next.

map mapname
loads a map of choice and switches to it at once without having to wait for the current game to end.

kick playername
kicks a specific player. Replace playername with the name of the person to kick. If name contains spaces surround the name with double quotes.

clientkick n
simpler way to kick players. Replace n with the clientnumber of the player you want to kick. You can retrieve the clientnumber by opening the console (with the ~ key) and entering
A list should be returned with server settings and the players on the server. The first number in front of each player's name is the client number. Use that number when kicking someone through clientkick.

g_gametype n
Note: callvote of g_gametype is typically followed by /callvote map as the gametype will not change until the next map load. Used to switch gametypes where n would be one of the following:

1 Tourney (1 vs 1)
2 Free For All
3 Team Death match
5 One flag (Team Arena only)
6 Overload (Team Arena only)
7 Harvester (Team Arena only)