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Ammo & Weapons

Each weapon in Quake III has its own strength and weakness. To get the most out of Quake, each should be mastered and used depending on the circumstances of combat.


Destroy your enemies morale by humiliation. A smack to the teeth with the gauntlet does 50 damage.


This is best used to finish off your opponent. Good from long to medium range. Don't be fooled by the low damage output. At 5 damage (7 damage in FFA mode) per tick, a good eye and steady aim can easily widdle your enemy down to nothing.


One of the most under estimated weapons in the game. Best used up close, as it fires 11 bullets at once, 10 damage per bullet, which fan out as they exit the barrel. If each bullet hits the target, it will do 110 damage.

Grenade Launcher

Whether you think, or don't think somebody is lurking around that corner is irrelevant. Toss a few 'nades down there anyway. Nice for flushing out campers. A direct grenade does 100 damage.

Rocket Launcher

Tried and true. The projectile can easily be dodged at long range, and theres a risk of injuring yourself in extremely close range. Despite these short-comings, it's the probably the best all around, utility weapon in Quake. The best tactic is to aim at your opponents feet and do him in with the splash damage, as direct hits are prone to missing. A direct rocket to the face does 100 damage.


This weapon is the reason why armor is important. An instant hit weapon, best used medium to long range, a single hit with the railgun does 100 damage. With a little luck, a rail can exit one foe, and hit the next. Be weary when wielding this weapon in close combat, a 1500ms reload time can feel like eternity. When trying to dodge rails, make small erratic strafing patterns, and never, ever jump. A feint buzzing noise doesn't make this the best weapon to have out when trying to be all sneaky-like.

Lightning Gun

Smite your enemies with the hand of Zeus. This weapon has limited range so it's best used in medium range combat. The only requirement is that you need a steady hand to concentrate the ray upon your opponent. Avoiding this can be difficult, but best results can be achieved with erratic strafing patterns, and getting obsticles between you and your enemy. Like the railgun, this weapon also makes a buzzing sound when you have it out.


This weapon is good for blanketing an area with spam, as the projectiles are quite large, and do a bit of splash damage. A single plasma ball does 20 damage.


The biggest gun in the game, although used rarely on maps because of it's overpowered nature. If you've played previous id Software titles, you will find that comparatively, this incarnation of the BFG is quite tame, almost like a fast firing rocket launcher. A direct hit does 100 damage.

Splash damage
Splash damage is rendered only by the rocket launcher, plasma gun, grenade launcher and BFG projectiles. The ‘splash’ of the weapon’s projectile making impact creates this damage, similar to the force of an explosion whereas standing slightly away from the explosion can still hurt you. Splash Damage is always calculated in a radius. This means that the center of the "splash damage sphere" deals full damage (i.e. a direct hit from a rocket delivers a hit of 100 health) while damage value decreases towards zero at the extent of the splash radius. You’ll often find yourself using splash damage rather than direct hit damage since it's often hard to get a direct hit with a grenade or rocket.